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Founded in Sweden in 2018, Doconomy is a world-leading impact tech company with its core mission being to future-proof life on the planet

By empowering individuals and corporations to assume responsibility for their environmental footprint and thereby fostering a sustainable lifestyle for all. Doconomy serves over 90 clients in 30 different markets and has established key partnerships with renowned organizations such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Mastercard, S&P Trucost and World Wildlife Fund (WWF).

The company’s groundbreaking product, Åland Index, and other innovations have earned numerous accolades. In 2022, Doconomy was recognized as the 7th most innovative company by Fast Company and featured among Wired’s top 100 startups globally.
Expanding its sphere of influence in 2023, Doconomy acquired Dreams Technology, a Stockholm-based financial wellbeing fintech company, becoming the world’s first holistic solution driving meaningful climate and social impact within the financial services industry.

Doconomy was launched in 2018 by the two creatives, Johan Pihl and Mathias Wikström, who created the award-winning Åland Index / Baltic Sea credit card project for Ålandsbanken. Doconomy was founded on the conviction of scaling a creative idea. The ability to calculate and display the environmental impact of credit card transactions, into a transformative force for good globally.


Investing in new measures to help tackle climate change

From the very start, we’ve been developing a platform of digital tools to educate and drive positive change. We partner with financial institutions to drive positive environmental change on a global scale by offering innovative banking tools supported by behavioral science and superior data.

Our conviction is that financial wellbeing accelerates environmental consciousness. In order to make sustainable choices, individuals need to feel financial control and empowered to make meaningful change. We recognize that for many people, financial stress can be a major barrier to living a sustainable lifestyle.

Moving forward Doconomy expands its product suite and enhances its expertise in behavioral science through the acquisition of Dreams Technology. This strategic merger has spurred product innovation, significantly bolstering business value for banks and elevating the user experience.
Our newest addition, Impact finance, stands out as a pivotal offering that empowers sustainable savings and investment opportunities, marking a significant stride in generating tangible positive environmental impacts.

Our vision, Mission & purpose

Our vision

Doconomy was founded on the purpose to future proof life on the planet by acting on responsibilities as opportunities. It is a deeply held belief that drives everything we do. A belief that we together can create a brighter future for ourselves and for generations to come.

Our vision is a world where sustainability is the way of life, not only a select choice for the few. We believe that everyone has a role to play in future-proofing life on our planet and it is our mission to create tools that engage and empower the many to make a positive impact on the planet.

Our mission

We work to create tools that engage and empower the many in order to make a positive impact on people and the planet. By enabling as many people as possible to live sustainable, Doconomy delivers tools that help ensure environmental responsibility and financial stability.

With our platform we aim to help banks to reposition as true facilitators the climate action economy driving positive impact on a global scale. 

Our purpose

At Doconomy, we believe that securing the future of life on the planet hinges on providing innovative tools that seamlessly integrate into daily life, empowering users to adopt a sustainable lifestyle with ease. Through strategic partnerships and the support of our investors, we have developed a scalable platform that empowers banks and financial institutions worldwide with the means to offer their customers tangible tools.

Our market-leading platform, offering best-in-class products that are supported by proven behavioral science and enriched with superior data, all designed to drive positive environmental change.


Mathias Wikström


Mathias Wikström, born at 329 ppm, is a Sweden based renowned sustainability business leader and creative strategist who aim to innovate as well as making the complex communicate. He has founded Doconomy together with Johan Pihl and spearheaded globally awarded forefront projects in Finance, Sustainability and Human Rights. He has received an EMBA with honors at Stockholm School of Economics with focus on Leading Innovation.

Mathias has won several Grand Prix at Cannes Lions and served on many award juries, as President for Innovation in Eurobest amongst others. He is a high scoring speaker at industry summits in Europe, USA, Asia and Latin America as well as with the UN and UNFCCC.


Johan Pihl


Johan Pihl is a Swedish creative director and entrepreneur with 30+ years of experience in the communication industry. For the last decade, Johan has shifted his focus toward purpose-driven service design and innovation. His work builds on exploring new business models at the intersection of design, technology, and business, resulting in tangible solutions that strengthen profit and purpose.

Johan has successfully developed and launched innovation projects receiving 100+ industry awards, including multiple Cannes Lions Grand Prix awards, and was in 2022 inducted in the Platinaakademien, the Swedish Communication industry’s Hall of Fame. He holds an MBA from the Berlin School of Creative Leadership. In 2018 Johan started Doconomy together with Mathias Wikström.


Joining forces to drive the climate action economy

Doconomy acquires leading engagement banking platform Dreams Technology to expand climate action tool suite and empower banks to better engage customers.

Both companies are structured to inspire and shape behaviors in an innovative manner, which is crucial for sustainable and lasting change. This acquisition enables us to integrate the unique methodology developed by Dreams Technology over the years, along with their suite of proven products. Consequently, our Doconomy's offerings will be enhanced, combining our team of climate impact experts with the behavioral economics talent of Dreams Technology to achieve urgent and measurable results. We are confident that our combined efforts will not only accelerate climate literacy but also significantly boost the financial industry’s transition to net zero, ensuring every transaction benefits both people and the planet.

By joining forces, we recognize a substantial opportunity to promote financial wellbeing and climate action on a large scale, introducing the first holistic offering in the market. Dreams Technology is built on implementing over 100 behavioral science insights. Our designs are aimed at driving sustainable behavioral change in banking customers by bridging the gap between intention and action. This creates positive, impactful financial behaviors and makes money more emotional, accessible, and effective for everyone. It's a perfect match, utilizing innovation and behavioral expertise to empower banks in their evolution from transaction engines to global change agents.


Henrik Rosvall


Henrik Rosvall is a visionary leader and entrepreneur who has been at the forefront of digital innovation in the financial technology space for 15+ years. He is one of the founders of Dreams Technology / Dreams AB, which offers a B2B engagement banking platform that is designed to empower people to achieve their financial goals in a sustainable way.

Henrik has a wealth of experience from management positions at companies such as Avanza and EF Education. He has a deep understanding of how to transform the financial services industry and make it more accessible and inclusive. His expertise and dedication are helping to create a more inclusive and accessible financial system for everyone.


Didde Brockman


Didde Brockman is a Stockholm native with more than 25 years experience in building successful products and services. Throughout his career, Didde has been fortunate to help organizations of all sizes to solve problems in the nexus of creativity, business and technology. Building innovative solutions for brands like Disney, Google, H&M, the Swedish Armed Forces and more helped him gain insights to drivers and enablers across a wide variety of business domains.

As a Co-Founder of Dreams Technology & Dreams AB, Didde has been focused on supporting and amplifying the teams and human beings shipping the company’s products through servant leadership.