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No amount of knowledge will help us reach our goals unless it is translated into real action. 

This is why the foundation of our product development lies in understanding humans and the behaviors that we want to influence. This allows us to design products that effectively help users take the knowledge and translate it to real behavioral change. 

With an in-house behavioral science team deeply involved with the product development process, we have throughout the years perfected a method where knowledge and insights from behavioral sciences are translated into products that engage and activate users. Collaborating with world leading experts within the field, we ensure we are updated with the latest and most cutting edge scientific knowledge. 


The perfect setting for financial wellbeing and climate impact

Our financial wellbeing and our impact on the climate have one big thing in common -  they are highly influenced by our habits and feelings around consumption and money. Because of this, a bank environment is the perfect setting for us to target both in synergy.

Meeting users where they are

In order to speak to users in a way that will engage them, we need to understand where they are coming from. This means understanding the motivations and intentions they have. By understanding their intentions, we are uniquely positioned to influence the actions that follow. 

We inspire, but never prescribe

Climate and finances are both highly emotional topics and to build efficient products, we need to make sure that we work with these emotions rather than against them. Tapping into the emotions of users and speaking to causes that lie true to their hearts is the most effective way to build engaging and positive experiences. By doing this, we manage to motivate, boost and nudge users to change their habits in a way that positively impacts both their personal finances as well as the planet we all live on. 

Money on our minds

By helping users improve their financial wellbeing, we decrease their stress levels and promote a more mindful approach to consumption. With this comes a better readiness to tackle and reduce their climate impact. We help users see a lifestyle that they can, and want, to stick with since it allows them to live a meaningful and rewarding life that they, and the planet, can afford. 

Behavioral science

Stina Söderqvist, PhD

head of product science

"With a deep knowledge of human behavior we build products that inspire, boost and nudge users to live more sustainable lives."

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