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Sustainable Banking

Cost Center to Strategic Opportunity

ESG projects and the pursuit of SDGs are no longer just marketing opportunities. Sustainable banking, the practice of embedding sustainability into every aspect of operations, is moving from a cost of business to becoming part of a bank's long-term business goals.

  • 93% of EU citizens think climate change is a serious problem, while in the US, 62% say they feel a personal sense of responsibility to help reduce global warming. As banks evolve their brands to meet changing demands, this growing segment can’t be ignored.

  • Many green funds are outperforming the S&P 500 Index as ESG investing becomes increasingly widespread. Whether customers are looking for investment returns or a green portfolio, banks must present these investment products at the optimal points in the customer journey.

  • In many cases, financial incentives and subsidies are aligning to remove the “green premium” on products such as EVs or green energy. This opens up these, once niche, products to a growing segment of “accidentally green” consumers who take climate action because those choices are financially prudent.

sustainable banking

Drive Revenue with Sustainability

Enable Climate Action
Reducing CO2e is an important part of Sustainable Banking; and the ability to influence customer behavior and consumption represents one of the biggest opportunities to do so.

Engage & Retain Customers
Expectations on banks have changed. Whether it’s helping customers achieve their financial or sustainability goals, this augmentation of the banking experience is an opportunity to add value and drive loyalty.

Effectively Cross-Sell
With an enhanced sustainability-first banking experience, banks learn more about their customers and open up a host of new touchpoints to sustainable products and services.

Sustainable banking

Embed climate action 

Identify customer touch points
Together, we can identify the optimal touch points to engage with customers, where context and recommendations around sustainability are low risk, high impact.

Build on behavioral science
With a foundation in behavioral science we are able to address customers in a way that builds engagement. It means moving beyond just presenting information, to providing the customers with concrete and motivating ways to take action.

Build with confidence
Credibility is key when banks venture away from their core business. It’s essential to pick an experienced and industry-trusted partner backed by climate impact and behavioral science.


Take your customers on their sustainability journey with Doconomy

  • 1Impact transactions

    The leading carbon calculator—instantly translates your customers’ transactions into CO2e, categorizing transactions into consumption categories, enabling users to easily categorize and navigate their climate impact.

  • 2Impact activity

    Augment transaction-based CO2e values with an activity-based view. Empower customers to understand and improve their carbon footprint through an interactive lifestyle assessment.

  • 3Impact education

    Provide customers with a behavioral science-backed journey from understanding their carbon emissions to taking tangible climate action, with customizable and personalized insights and recommendations.

  • 4Impact finance

    Couple financial and environmental wellbeing, enabling customers to reach their dreams by showcasing templates for sustainable savings goals, such as saving for EVs and solar panels, linking savings accounts to green funds.

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Accelerate your journey

Sustainable banking is the destination that all banks need to get to. Let Doconomy help you win that race—for your business and the planet.