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Impact expertise

Limiting climate change to 1.5 degrees requires unprecedented cooperation across all of society.

Doconomy’s response is to engage our deep expertise to build credible tools that engage and empower the many to make a positive impact on people and the planet–and to walk the talk and reduce our own footprint.

Our tools are steeped in behavioral science and backed by best-in-class data and third-party audited methodologies. That  validity and reliability is key to ensuring that our tools and the insights and recommendations they provide are trusted, adopted, and crucially drive tangible, measurable change.


Our Climate Data & Methodology

Åland Index methodology is reviewed by EY. Our methodology leans on the GHG Protocol choosing supplier specific data over.

Independently Verified

Åland Index methodology is reviewed by EY. Our method leans on the GHG Protocol standards, which choose supplier-specific data over macroeconomic data.Therefore, calculations are based on real reported financial and environmental company data.

Industry-Leading Data

Data is delivered by S&P Global, the worldwide leading provider for environmental company information, enabling consumer access to the same robust environmental metrics that were previously only available to investors.

Complete and Comparable Data

While S&P Global covers upwards of 95% of global market cap, if company data is missing, environmental Input & output models and other public sources fill in the gaps to get comparable and complete data for all companies.

Continuous Updates

Data is continuously updated with the latest reported information which means that the index captures the most recent emissions data from global value chains.

Aligning to Global Standards

Emission factors are generated by combining company-reported and modeled data covering Scope 1, 2 and 3 emissions, thus including all greenhouse gasses stipulated in the Kyoto protocol.

Local Relevance

In order to capture local lifestyle factors that are not revealed by spending patterns, we provide local adjustment factors for more than 80 countries.

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