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Key features

  • A modular goal based solution that empowers users to make more mindful lifestyle choices and save more money, actions that increase both their financial and environmental wellbeing.

  • Banks are able to shape our solution to fit different demographics and engagements levels spanning from save goals to green investments.

  • Goal-based savings, building an emotional connection and fostering long-term thinking by inspiring customers to visualize their dreams.

  • Engaging Savehacks that enable your customers to find money that they didn’t know they had by turning spending into saving habits.

Financial and Environmental Wellbeing

Goal-Based Savings

Differentiate from competitors by turning goal-based savings into dreams, building an emotional connection with customers and gaining unique insights into motivations and life moments.

Engaging Savehacks

Enable your customers to consume more mindfully and find money that they didn’t know they had by making saving automated, fun, and engaging. Activate green Savehacks to couple saving with a positive climate action.

Environmental Wellbeing

Couple financial and environmental wellbeing, enabling customers to reach their Dreams by showcasing templates for sustainable savings goals, such as saving for EVs, and linking savers with green funds.

Market Segmentation

One size does not fit all. Segment audience by age or other attributes and personalize the Dreams inspiration and available Savehacks for maximum relevance.


Turn savings into higher revenue-generating investments by connecting long-term savers with in-house investment products and services.

Proven Effectiveness

The result of 100+ scientific insights, Impact finance  is built around how the human mind works, empowering customers to engage with their finances and improve their financial wellbeing.

Impact Finance

Activate. Engage.
Drive Revenue.

Financial wellbeing is the prerequisite for a climate-smart lifestyle with savings being a concrete first step. Customers using Impact finance save €2000 more per year, increasing customers’ financial wellbeing and banks top line, while turning long-term savers into investors.

Banks can offer an enhanced digital experience generating high customer engagement, demonstrated by the 15+ monthly in-app interactions related to Impact finance. With the ability for customers to set up shared group dreams, the service becomes the ideal organic acquisition channel, bringing in new customers with the intent to save.

With unprecedented visibility into customers’ intent data, banks can effectively cross-sell related banking products, such as mortgages for a customer saving for a house; or use intent data to optimize customer acquisition campaigns.

Turn savings into higher revenue-generating investments by connecting long-term savers with in-house investment products and services.

Impact Finance

Accelerate the Green Transition

With Impact finance banks can inspire customers to make more mindful consumption, lifestyle choices, and investment decisions by coupling their financial wellbeing and life goals with the longer term targets around reducing emissions.

Our modular solution allows for a step-by-step approach to climate commitment allowing for different engagement levels.

Impact finance allows banks to introduce green Savehacks and goals driving measurable climate action. And by offering long-term sustainable investments in green bonds banks can empower customers to deepen their climate commitment.

Impact Finance

Seamless. Secure. Supported.

Out-of-the-Box UX
The UX is steeped in behavioral science concepts that drive engagement, reinforce positive behavior, and ultimately encourages saving. White-label our customizable UX for a speedy and effective implementation.

Cloud-Native & Portable
Benefit from unmatched scalability and adaptability. Our OCI images ensure a seamless experience across environments for banks that face cloud adoption challenges.

Secure & Compliant
Rest easy with our RESTful APIs secured through Mutual TLS. Keeping your data secure and confidential is our priority.

Developer-Friendly SDKs
Embed our experience effortlessly with platform-specific client-side SDKs. A clear and concise integration process designed to keep your developers happy.

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