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key features

  • Methodology reviewed by EY with calculations based on real reported financial and environmental data

  • Complete and comparable data delivered by S&P Global and augmented by public sources and models

  • Continuously updated data to ensure the index captures the most recent emissions data

  • Local adjustment factors for more than 80 countries, capturing location-specific lifestyle factors

Impact transactions

The leading carbon footprint tool for financial transactions

Doconomy's world-leading Climate Transaction solution (Åland Index) is used by 90+ financial institutions in more than 40 countries to help their customers convert every transaction into its CO2e footprint, driving climate action globally.

The Åland Index methodology is third party reviewed by EY. The data used for the calculations is based on the latest financial and environmental data from S&P Global.

Group your consumers’ transactions into areas such as Food & Drinks, Transport, and more, enabling them to easily categorize and navigate their footprint and discover ways to reduce it.

Impact transactions

Engage and empower your customers

With Impact transactions banks can enrich customers’ experiences with personalized carbon information. Boost customer retention by engaging in climate change and letting customers advance on their sustainability journeys.

Support the Sustainable Development Goals by letting customers better understand their carbon footprint. And leverage a reputation as a sustainable employer in recruitment and general branding.

Use insights into customers’ carbon footprints to offer additional products that match their values and needs or guide them closer to a more sustainable lifestyle with green loans for EVs or solar panels.


Privacy Prioritized

Empower customers without compromising their privacy. Impact transactions needs minimal, non-personal data for calculations. Our API keeps banks in compliance in all regions.

Integration & Flexibility

Impact transactions is tailored for adaptability, without the need for extensive overhauls. Our API-based solution integrates effortlessly with banking infrastructure, on-premise or in the cloud.

Cloud-Native & Portable

Our cloud-native products are cost-efficient and scalable. Plus, we offer OCI images that can run Impact transactions seamlessly, even if they face cloud-adoption challenges.

Robust Security

Data banks send us is meticulously vetted via service gateways using API keys or mTLS, making sure every request is secure.

Optimal Developer Experience

Save time for your developers. Our robust API is battle-tested by leading financial institutions, set up for experimentation in our sandbox, and designed to be easy to integrate, and streamlining implementation.

Continuous Data Updates

We make sure the underlying data and other crucial metrics are refreshed frequently. So banks get the most up-to-date insights.

Impact transactions

Innovated to drive a sustainable lifestyle for all

Åland index is the world renowned methodology behind Impact transactions 

In 2016 Åland Index was launched in partnership with Bank of Åland, pioneering a way to estimate the environmental footprint of financial transactions. Today Åland Index is the global standard and used by 90+ banks worldwide. 

In 2020 water scarcity calculations were added to the index, a world-first in the realm of finance. By integrating water scarcity calculations, Doconomy broadened the scope of its platform and deepened the understanding of the intricate interplay between climate change, resource utilization, and sustainable financial decisions.

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