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Our products

Doconomy’s products unite financial services with climate consciousness. Using innovation, technology, and behavioral science, we bridge the intent-action gap by empowering users to make sustainable financial choices, driving positive impact globally.

our approach

Environmental and financial wellbeing

Our conviction is that financial wellbeing accelerates climate consciousness. In order to make sustainable choices, individuals need to feel financial control and empowered to make meaningful change.

The Impact finance product has been co-created with leading scientists from the fields of psychology, neuroscience and behavioral economics to deliver radical new ways to boost your customers’ digital engagement, financial- and environmental wellbeing.

Emotions are the single most powerful drivers of human behavior. Tap into your customers’ emotions to activate their intrinsic motivation, trigger sustainable  behavioral change and increase their engagement.​

With the acquisition of Dreams Technology, Doconomy has shown a long-term commitment to innovating and supporting banks to  empower financial wellbeing throughout their customer base.

We want to help reposition banks as key facilitators of Climate Action globally


Through our alliances we’re able to raise global awareness and produce evidence of what utilizing the power of banking, leading climate expertise and global payment technology at scale can achieve.

Boston Consulting Group


S&P Global




Doconomy is a market-leading provider of innovative solutions that enable banks to accelerate the green transition.

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For more detailed information about our markets and work, please get in touch with our team.

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Creating a culture of transparency and accountability

Through our climate disclosure, we aim to be part of creating a culture of transparency and accountability for companies, where environmental impact is measured and reduced over time.

Our ambition is to minimize the footprint of our own operations, whilst driving climate awareness and action through our products. 

Our People

Doconomy employees possess a wide range of skills, knowledge and expertise. Their diverse talents contribute to the organization's ability to drive Climate Action globally, from technology and marketing to customer service and management, supported by impact expertise and behavioral science.

I aim to lower my carbon footprint by cultivating enough vegetables to sustain my family throughout the year.

Didde Brockman

Chief Technology Product Officer

My carbon footprint
N/A (2023)

“in the future sustainability shouldn't be on the agenda, it should be the platform for everything”

Mathias WikströmCEO & Co-Founder