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Coaching users towards a sustainable lifestyle through Impact Areas

The 360 app allows user to gain a holistic understanding of impact in key areas of the their lifestyle. And more importantly smart ways to continuously reduce both your footprint and ensure financial wellbeing. The 360 app builds on providing the user with an innovative tool to ensure the best strategy for reducing impact in each area, creating real end-user value and business value to banks.

The 360 offers personalized climate recommendations, tailored to users’ data and motivations, facilitating sustainable habit adoption and provides valuable guidance.


From carbon footprint calculations to a holistic climate action solution

The 360 app collects and filters user footprint data to enhance a more relevant and precise dialogue with users. Creating a engaging experience through feedback loops and presents potential positive impact within categories (impact cards), rather than focusing on a ‘negative total measurement’.

By treating impact categories as their own areas, we can create 360° relevancy for the customer and build increased accuracy over time. Most importantly foster awareness and encourage action from users independently based on lifestyle and engagement level.


Real end-user value to ensure engagement and business value to banks

By providing personalised climate action recommendations and support, the bank can deepen customer relationships, increase customer loyalty, and differentiate itself from competitors. By offering a service that helps customers make a positive impact on the environment while also saving money, the bank enhances customer satisfaction. Customers appreciate the value-added service that contributes to their financial well-being and supports their sustainability goals. 360 by Doconomy provides the bank with valuable data insights into customers’ spending habits, sustainability preferences, and goals.

This data can be leveraged to offer personalised financial products and services, targeted marketing campaigns, and more tailored customer experiences. 360 creates opportunities for cross-selling and upselling by recommending financial products or services that align with customers’ sustainability goals.

360 by Doconomy will help individuals deepen their understanding and take concrete steps towards a low-carbon lifestyle.