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2023.06.279:30 AM BST / 10:30 AM CESTWebinars & recordings

Webinar: Unlocking the power of CO₂ data for a more sustainable future

The importance of behavioral science when it comes to measurable climate action is immense. Research has shown that reducing greenhouse gas emissions, increasing energy efficiency, and promoting renewable energy sources are some of the most effective interventions to reduce climate impact.

On June 27, Doconomy and Dreams Technology hosted a webinar about:

Behavioral science can play a critical role in achieving climate action by identifying the most effective strategies for incentivizing sustainable behaviors, providing insight into what motivates people to take action, and developing techniques to encourage long-term behaviors that have positive impacts on the environment.

  • The role of behavioral science when it comes to finances and climate action

  • How you can connect consumption with its impact on the planet

  • How banks can motivate their customers to change behaviour and move towards a more sustainable lifestyle

  • How behavioral science plays a crucial role in driving effective change

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