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2023.12.038:00 PM BST / 9:00 PM CESTWebinars & recordings

The Sustainable Consumption Index at COP28

To achieve 2030 reduction targets, we must significantly cut our everyday overconsumption, adapting behaviors and lifestyles to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The Sustainable Consumption Index (SCI), presented and developed by Doconomy and Mastercard, facilitates collective reduction efforts by providing indicative figures and interactive simulations for a low-carbon shift in Sweden's consumer footprint.

Presented at COP28 on Dec 3, 2023, hosted by Business Sweden and with Spotify as media partner.

A great proportion of greenhouse gas emissions stem from unsustainable overconsumption, and to reach our 2030 reduction targets, we need to drastically reduce how much we buy in our everyday life. We also need to adapt to climate change, including altering our behavior, systems, and—in some cases—ways of life to protect our families, our economies, and the environment in which we live from the impacts of climate change. The more we reduce emissions right now, the easier it will be to adapt to the changes we can no longer avoid.

Mitigation actions will take decades to affect rising temperatures, so we must adapt now to the change that is already upon us—and will continue to affect us in the foreseeable future.

The SCI aims to help us collectively achieve this goal. The SCI has been crafted to provide change-makers with indicative figures of our reduction potential. The Index combines Mastercard spend data with Doconomy’s Åland Index, providing a quantitative measure of Sweden’s aggregate CO₂e consumer footprint. Through a set of interactive simulations, the Index further allows us to foresee what a population-wide shift towards low-carbon consumption in Sweden would bring about, given current emission levels and technological availability.

Take part in this session, to explore data-driven insights and discuss strategies for unlocking our reduction potential and fostering sustainable practices.

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