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2022.07.289:00 AM BST / 10:00 AM CESTNews

Germany’s leading green power provider LichtBlick signs with Doconomy

As the first energy provider in the world, German green power pioneer LichtBlick has signed a strategic partnership with Doconomy.

STOCKHOLM/HAMBURG, July 28, 2022 — LichtBlick is today launching a new consumer app that will accompany the clients on their way to a climate-neutral lifestyle.

The app initially consists of three parts: The first part focuses on the topic of E-mobility. Clients can search for charging stations and use the app to start and stop the charging of their e-vehicles. The second part includes the Doconomy developed Lifestyle Calculator. Special feature: Every user (even without a customer contract) can determine their own carbon footprint – and offset it. The Consumer Portal, where clients handle their contracts and invoices, is the last part of the new app.

“Once again LichtBlick is leading the way forward! Being a true pioneer in providing green energy to the German households the company is challenging the energy market with smart, easy to use and planet friendly services. Users will now have additional tools to understand, measure and manage their carbon footprint.”

Mathias Wikström, CEO and Co-Founder of Doconomy

"The impact of emissions on our environment can already be felt today. It is up to each and every one of us to ensure a climate-neutral future. With a few simple measures, we can help to lower our own carbon footprint – and to reduce emissions. With our new LichtBlick app and together with Doconomy, we want to support everyone who is also pursuing this goal.”

Dr. Enno Wolf, COO of LichtBlick

LichtBlick has for 23 years been campaigning for renewable energy solutions and is today Germany’s leading provider of green electricity. With 1.7 million customers LichtBlick is a living proof that change is possible and that they together with their customers are changing the future. The Doconomy partnership enables the company to accelerate the ambition to be part of the transition towards a more sustainable Germany.

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