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2023.01.1911:00 AM BST / 12:00 PM CESTWebinars & recordings

Doconomy: Stage of Impact during World Economic Forum 2023

Welcome to the groundbreaking event, "Doconomy: Stage of Impact," proudly presented by Doconomy in Davos during the World Economic Forum 2023. In collaboration with our partners UBS, F10, WWF, Business Sweden, CommerzVentures, Kapital, Mastercard, and Climeworks, this event was a convergence of influential entities committed to driving positive change.

The ambition for the event was to provide a pop-up stage for entrepreneurs that we, and our partners, found valuable and promising with positive impact potential. 7 companies pitched in front of a jury of experts and of industry leaders, audience and live-stream. After their pitches, the entrepreneurs received live actionable feedback that all viewers can benefit from.

In-between the pitches senior thought leaders shared perspectives in an intimate interview format, moderated by Carola Ferstl. CommerzVentures released their Climate Fintech report and WWF presented their new Biodiversity Risk Filter, a tool to support companies and financial institutions in better understanding and addressing their biodiversity-related risks.

Event Agenda

15:00 Welcome speaker + introduction: Michael Baldinger, CSO at UBS

15:07 Showcase 1: Raphael Güller, Co-Founder & Chief Design Officer at Sweep

15:19 Showcase 2: Sarah Lamaison, Co-Founder of Dioxycle

15:30 Thought Leader Interview: Christoph Bornschein, CEO of TLGG Group

15:41 CommerzVentures: Launch of the Climate Fintech Report by Paul Morgenthaler, Managing Partner

15:52 Thought leader Interview: Ellen Jackowski, CSO at Mastercard

16:04 Showcase 3: Marianna Manfrino, Finance Business Partner at AWorld

16:16 Showcase 4: Jonathan McCullagh, CEO & Founder of Arcturus

16:27 Thought leader Interview: Nina Siemiatkowski, CEO of Milkywire

16:39 Showcase 5: Ezra Anajonu, CEO & Co-Founder of Bus54

16:51 Showcase 6: Philine Möller, Co-Founder of Re-Store Germany

17:03 Showcase 7: Henrik Rosvall, CEO & Co-Founder of Dreams Technology

17:14 Thought leader Interview: Julie Gosalvez, CMO at Climeworks

17:25 WWF: Launch of the Biodiversity Risk Filter by Cristianne Close, Deputy Global Conservation Director

17:46 Thank you and goodbye

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