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2022.09.069:00 AM BST / 10:00 AM CESTNews

Doconomy partners with Plaid to enable carbon impact calculations for FinTechs and Financial Institutions

Today marks the start of a new partnership with Plaid, a data network powering the digital financial ecosystem.

STOCKHOLM/SAN FRANCISCO, September 6, 2022 — Doconomy is partnering with Plaid to provide the world’s leading climate impact calculations, measuring impact per transaction in CO2e and H2O, to Plaid’s network of banks and FinTechs. The Plaid network connects with over 12,000 financial institutions and 6,000+ financial applications across the U.S, Canada, and Europe.

As part of Plaid’s Solution Partner Program, Doconomy aims to enable Plaid customers to provide carbon impact services to their business and consumer clients. By enhancing digital financial experiences with impact calculations, end-consumers can understand the climate impact of their everyday decisions and take action to reduce it.

With this partnership, Plaid’s customers can access a whole new set of services that focus on educating and informing individuals on how their consumption affects the climate. By combining Doconomy’s unique emission factors with Plaid’s transaction categorization taxonomy, Plaid’s customers can in a seamless way get a CO2e footprint on each transaction to provide end users with.  By getting impact insights based on spending, consumers can learn about their environmental footprint and are encouraged to embrace a more sustainable lifestyle.

This marks an important step in Doconomy’s increased focus on the North American market, activating consumers in Everyday Climate Action at a wider scale.

“Combining Plaid's vast network within the digital financial industry with Doconomy's leading impact calculations create the potential for millions of people to understand the impact of their consumption and take action for a more resilient tomorrow. This is yet an important step in Doconomy's expansion in the US market and to accelerate climate action at a global scale through digital tools and climate impact methodologies."

Mathias Wikström, CEO and Co-Founder of Doconomy

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