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2022.04.289:00 AM BST / 10:00 AM CESTNews

Doconomy opens in Tokyo to provide climate impact transparency in response to strong ESG consumer interest in Japan

Doconomy is delighted to announce that the company is opening its first office outside of Sweden in Tokyo.

TOKYO/STOCKHOLM, April 28, 2022 — Japan is regarded today as one of the most dynamic markets for green finance. Interest in ESG is growing, both among companies and Japanese consumers. In addition to this, the Japanese government announced a 46% greenhouse gas reduction by 2030. Doconomy further accelerates its efforts on a global scale by supporting the Japanese market in green finance with leading tools and services for climate action.

Doconomy is delighted to announce that the company is opening its first office outside of Sweden in Tokyo. The objective is to engage with ambitious Japanese banks and brands to enable mindful consumption and strengthen Tokyo as an international green financial hub. To accelerate climate transparency, the company has received support from the Tokyo Metropolitan Government’s subsidy program to introduce the globally leading environmental impact methodology Åland Index. The program supports overseas companies in green fintech and asset management to establish their operations in the Japanese market.

“The ambitious Japanese market with a high level of design integrity and accelerating climate interest has been an inspiration to the Doconomy team since the start. Working alongside our passionate and talented local partners like Mitsui has further reinforced our perspective and we are very proud to now open in Tokyo, our first office outside of Sweden. We welcome all banks with local presence to benefit from our combination of local presence and global market leading insights.”

Mathias Wikström, CEO and Co-Founder of Doconomy

”Mitsui is committed to the national ambition to help reach a carbon-neutral Japan by 2050 and we are happy to be partnering with DOCONOMY from Sweden that is helping with providing a global standard for carbon foot-printing and tools for a change of behavior. Together we share the vision of a Sustainable lifestyle for all.”

Kazunori Ikezawa, General Manager of New Business and Innovation Dept., New Downstream Business Div Energy Solutions Business Unit.

Doconomy started in 2018 in Stockholm; Sweden, with the ambition to create new measures to tackle climate change and engage the many. Since day one, the company has developed an ecosystem of digital tools to measure, educate and engage to drive positive change. Today the company is the market leader and pioneer in the impact-tech space and responsible for illustrating its vast potential and importance, receiving recognition from Fast Company as the “Global Top 10 Most Innovative Companies” and several Cannes Lions Festival of Creativity Grand Prix Awards. While also being supported by partners like UNFCCC, WWF, and Mastercard.

The company has already made strong relations in Japan with a partner like Mitsui. By setting up a Tokyo office, the company is looking to further develop these relationships and provide Every Day Climate Action together with such ambitious partners on our joint commitment. With Mitsui being one of the largest corporate groups in the world, the collaboration aims to make Japanese society carbon-neutral by 2050, educating together around the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

By broadening its approach with services, Doconomy wants to help banks and financial services calculate the impact on financial transactions using the Åland Index. The Index is a world-leading climate impact index already available through banks representing 500 million users in 32 countries. It functions as a cloud-based impact-as-a-service solution for CO₂e and H₂O calculations for all digital financial transactions. With Åland Index, banks and financial service providers can deliver personalized, impact data-driven services to their customers, responding to a new era of transparency enabled shared responsibility between the user and the provider.

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