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2022.06.219:00 AM BST / 10:00 AM CESTNews

Doconomy launches new platform, Re-Store that connects brands with consumers to help reduce their carbon footprint.

Re-Store is the first online platform that gives consumers personalised recommendations on how to cut their emissions and presents products and services that can help. The tool is based on Doconomy’s Lifestyle Calculator, which calculates individual climate footprints, and was released last fall in collaboration with the UNFCCC.


STOCKHOLM, June 21, 2022 — Based on data-driven insights, the new platform aims to establish a shared responsibility between consumers and brands, helping users choose products and services that directly lower their individual environmental impact.

For users: Each user starts by assessing their individual lifestyle. They are then presented with a score that breaks down their environmental footprint by category and gives advice on how to reduce it. This includes offers of products and services they can activate to efficiently cut their emissions.

For companies: Companies create offers by declaring the climate footprint of their product and how it can help reduce environmental impact. The Re-Store platform then matches them with motivated consumers whose emission they can cut. With Re-Store’s “Declaration of Impact”, each company is officially committed to their claim.

“Re–Store aims to change how we consume altogether. Companies are finally able to speak directly to environmentally-conscious consumers – a breakthrough new form of targeted communication that could prove vital for small and mid-size businesses investing in sustainable business models and manufacturing.”

Mathias Wikström, CEO and Co-Founder of Doconomy

“As consumers, we know we cannot buy our way out of the disruption we have created. Conspicuous consumption will get us nowhere. What we can do, however, is to think wisely about our purchase decisions and help direct capital towards sustainable brands and away from unsustainable competitors. It should be profitable to preserve the planet. Consumers and brands are the key agents of change, and if we can pair them up based on their carbon footprint, we may well be able to unlock the individual accountability and shared responsibility required to achieve net zero emissions”

Johan Pihl, CINO and Co-Founder of Doconomy

International roll-out

As part of the international roll-out plans for Re-Store, Japan and Germany are identified as key markets, with a partnership with Mitsui being formulated. “Global climate change is a collective issue, and it is only through collective action that we will be able to restore our planet. As part of our broader collaboration with Doconomy, Mitsui is looking forward to bringing this innovation to Japan and beyond”, says Kazunori Ikezawa, General Manager, Second Dept., New Business & Innovation Div., Infrastructure Projects Business Unit at Mitsui & Co.

Re–Store is launching with 11 partner companies, amongst them Sellpy, Transparent, M – Volvo Car Mobility, All Aboard, and Cake. The goal is to offer consumers sustainable choices across all categories.

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