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2022.04.229:00 AM BST / 10:00 AM CESTNews

Doconomy is the world’s first company to publicly share individual carbon footprints of their employees as an educational effort

To highlight Earth Day, the management team and all employees at Doconomy have decided to calculate their individual carbon footprint, using the Lifestyle Calculator, transparently publish this on the company website and commit to personal reduction goals.

STOCKHOLM, April 22, 2022 — Earth Day’s mission is to diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide. Our world needs transformational change, calling for bold, creative, and innovative solutions to accelerate our collective ability to reach reduction targets.

To highlight Earth Day, all employees of Doconomy have calculated their individual footprints, using the Doconomy Lifestyle Calculator that has been developed together with UNFCCC. Doconomy will help prioritize individual reduction targets and establish a platform of knowledge sharing allowing greater engagement and activation around climate action.

As individuals, we need to better understand how our lifestyle choices impact the planet and start to make more informed decisions, and by openly sharing the results helps drive an era of transparency around environmental impact. The individual carbon footprint at Doconomy spans from 24,6 tones CO per year to just 2,6. Each of our employees has different starting points but we are still committed to reducing our impact as a collective.

“Calculating your individual private carbon footprint is a great way to kick-start your own education around carbon emissions and which activities in your life that contribute most heating our planet. Our aim has been to create a tool where many can easily relate the activities to their everyday life and discover where they can make changes that will lower their footprint.”

Johanna Landberg, Head of Impact Banking at Doconomy

The result

Women: 7.2 COe tonnes
Men: 10.0 CO₂e tonnes
Average employee: 8.6 COe tonnes

Departments: (average per team member)

Finance/Operations: 8.6 COe tonnes
Management: 14.3 COe tonnes
Impact: 5.2 COe tonnes
Transaction: 9.2 COe tonnes
Marketing: 9.1 COe tonnes
Innovation: 10.8 CO₂e tonnes
Product/Design: 8.1 CO₂e tonnes
Business/Product: 5.6 CO₂e tonnes

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