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2022.03.108:00 AM BST / 9:00 AM CESTNews

Doconomy is No. 7 on Fast Company’s 2022 list of World’s 50 Most Innovative Companies

... and number two in the 10 most innovative companies in corporate social responsibility.

STOCKHOLM, March 10, 2022 — You don’t often brag about seventh place, but we think an exception is in order this time. Everyone at Doconomy is proud and honored to be named amongst Fast Company’s most innovative brands, sharing the podium with some of the world’s most creative, brave, and forward-thinking names. And there’s something that puts an even bigger smile on our face – every brand in the top seven is in some way tackling climate change and fighting to make the EU 2030 Climate Target Plan of cutting 55% of greenhouse emissions an achievable, palpable reality. And the tools that empower every one of us to take up arms and fight for our future are beginning to receive the visibility and traction they need.

Since 2018 Doconomy has set out with a mission to create these tools – easy, accessible, understandable ways of calculating the real cost that our lifestyles have on the environment, by revealing the carbon and water footprint of every transaction. Four years later, The Aland index, 2030 calculator, and Lifestyle Calculator have all brought something new to the table, simplifying and democratizing the way in which all of us can take control and reinvent our consumption. More importantly, they proved that 500 million people and dozens of brands want to understand their impact and lighten it. By committing to digital innovation, Doconomy has created an ecosystem meant to support and enable every choice we make regarding consumption – from how much we spend, to where we spend it and how we could spend it better. And there’s a lot more yet to come.

It couldn’t have happened without the 70+ people that make Doconomy tick. It wouldn’t have been a reality without our partners and clients who are making a commitment knowing that the right path isn’t always the easiest to walk. And it couldn’t have existed without the millions of users who decided to take charge of their consumption. Thank you, all, for believing that a brighter future can be achieved together.

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