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2023.11.283:30 PM BST / 4:30 PM CESTEvents

Doconomy at COP28

Doconomy will be participating in COP28, a significant milestone on the global climate action journey. COP28, to be hosted in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), will gather up to 80,000 delegates, including heads of state, government officials, business leaders, scientists, climate experts, NGOs, and civil society – to negotiate and agree actions to mitigate the worst effects of climate change.


7 years since the historic Paris Agreement

This year is a halfway point and with merely seven years remaining until 2030, the urgency of our mission cannot be overstated, and the imperative for swift, meaningful action is more evident than ever before. Our presence is rooted in our commitment to drive positive change and foster sustainability in the face of climate challenges.

Doconomy’s mission has always been to empower individuals and businesses alike to make informed, eco-conscious choices through innovative and impactful solutions. We firmly believe that meaningful progress can only be achieved through collective action, and COP28 offers an unparalleled platform to forge vital partnerships, exchange knowledge, and collaborate on transformative initiatives.


    Swedish Business Delegation

    Doconomy is once again selected to represent Sweden as a part of the official Swedish Business Delegation coordinated by Business Sweden.

    As presenters at the Swedish Pavilion, we will join forces with ClimateView, Scania, Nasdaq, AstraZeneca, Stockholm Exergi, Ragn-Sells, iBinder, Alfa Laval, Tetra Pak, Polestar, Normative, Minesto, Skanska, SSAB, Afry, IKEA, Hitachi Energy, Einride, Volvo Cars, Spowdi and BCC. This platform will serve as a hub for collaboration, discussions, and the promotion of innovative, evidence-based solutions from Sweden for a greener world.

    All sessions will be live-streamed and recorded, find more information on the link below.



    To achieve 2030 reduction targets, we must significantly cut our everyday overconsumption, adapting behaviors and lifestyles to mitigate the impacts of climate change. The Sustainable Consumption Index (SCI), presented and developed by Doconomy and Mastercard, facilitates collective reduction efforts by providing indicative figures and interactive simulations for a low-carbon shift in Sweden's consumer footprint.

    Take part in this session, hosted by Business Sweden and with Spotify as media partner, to explore data-driven insights and discuss strategies for unlocking our reduction potential and fostering sustainable practices.


    Dialogues: The Climate Action Economy on Dec 4th

    Doconomy & ClimateView presents "Dialogues: The Climate Action Economy", hosted by Business Sweden, with Spotify as media partner.

    In this session, we will explore how finance, cities, and consumers can collaboratively drive progress toward a climate action economy with representatives from TIME CO, Citi, United Nations Environment Programme Finance Initiative, NatWest, European Environment Agency, City of Stockholm, Normative, Boston Consulting Group, Absa Group, Nasdaq, S&P Global Sustainable1, Spotify, Mastercard, MIT Senseable City Lab, Oxford Net Zero and Global Challenges Foundation.

    Thought leaders and experts in finance, sustainability, and data-driven solutions will discuss the intersection of climate action, financial wellbeing, and systemic change. Join us live at the Swedish Pavilion or via live stream to learn how responsible financial practices, data-driven insights, and behavioral science can contribute to addressing climate change while fostering economic stability and transitions to net zero in smart cities.


    Learn more about how we can help future-proof your business

    Doconomy, founded in Sweden in 2018, is a world-leading provider of applied impact solutions. Our core mission is to ensure the future sustainability of life on Earth by empowering individuals and corporations to assume responsibility for their environmental footprint, thereby fostering a sustainable lifestyle for all.

    Our team includes former bankers, engineers, developers, designers, brand strategists, ESG experts, behavioral science experts, and thought leaders in innovative business and service design. We bring expertise and wisdom from some of the world’s largest digital and sustainable banks, corporations, and fintechs, and our dedicated Impact team keeps us best-in-class and at the forefront of our industry.

    We serve over 80 clients in 47 different markets and has established key partnerships with renowned organizations such as the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), Mastercard, S&P Trucost and World Wildlife Fund (WWF). Åland Index, our award-winning impact calculator, is backed by leading investors, including Mastercard, Ingka Group, Citi Ventures and ABN Amro Ventures

    Our team at COP28

    Mathias Wikström

    CEO & Co-founder

    Mathias Wikström, born at 329 ppm, is a Sweden based sustainability business leader and creative strategist who aims to innovate as well as making the complex communicate. He founded Doconomy together with Johan Pihl and spearheaded globally awarded forefront projects in Finance, Sustainability and Human Rights. He has received an EMBA with honors at Stockholm School of Economics with focus on Leading Innovation.
    Mathias has won several Grand Prix at Cannes Lions and served on many award juries, as President for Innovation in Eurobest amongst others. He is a high scoring speaker at industry summits in Europe, USA, Asia and Latin America as well as with the UN and UNFCCC.

    Our team at COP28

    Katarina Wangler Björk

    Chief Climate Policy Officer

    Katarina Wangler Björk’s role at Doconomy is to design the strategy and long-term vision of the Doconomy’s public affairs/policy agenda, and to initiate and enhance partnerships and collaboration with Government, Multilateral organizations and NGOs. She also holds the role as a thought leader and spokesperson in Impact tech, policy, innovation ESG and Sustainable Finance internally as well as for external stakeholders and partners.
    Katarina has an extensive background in Climate & Sustainability, Business Innovation, Climate Policy and strategic transformation. Her background in climate issues dates back 25 years, as a youth delegate at COP3 in Kyoto, with roles in business and policy, the last 10 years focusing on future-proofing strategies and business models.

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