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2023.05.059:00 AM BST / 10:00 AM CESTNews

Doconomy and Mambu to enable clients to calculate the environmental footprint on transactions for everyday climate action

As a leading player in climate technology, Doconomy are thrilled to partner with Mambu, a cloud banking platform.

STOCKHOLM, May 5, 2023 — Doconomy, a provider of carbon impact calculations, has developed digital tools, including an API-based engagement service, to assist individuals and corporations in measuring and engaging with their CO₂e footprint data. In collaboration with Mambu, Doconomy will empower joint customers to determine the carbon footprint of their financial transactions with the potential to decrease it too. This partnership marks the first climate tech collaboration to be featured on Mambu's partner ecosystem empowering financial institutions globally with accurate, easy-to-understand environmental impact data to support them in taking climate action.

A recent Mambu survey of over 6,000 consumers revealed that 60% of them believe that their bank should reflect their personal values, further underlining the potential of this partnership. As consumers become more environmentally conscious and shift towards sustainable purchasing behaviors, the finance sector needs to further address the importance of sustainability.

“By working with banks around the world we have learnt that they can be powerful enablers of a sustainable economy. This partnership with Mambu allows more organizations in the financial sector to leverage our expertise in quantifying environmental footprints to drive action. We are excited to bring a climate component to Mambu and through our partnership we hope to bring climate impact calculations into more financial applications, democratizing climate impact data.”

Mathias Wikström, CEO and Co-Founder of Doconomy.

“Our cloud banking platform is fueling the financial services of tomorrow, which means we also aim to be the foundation on which sustainable financial experiences can be built. Doconomy is the market leader and a pioneer in the impact-tech space. With its expertise in carbon calculations and our impact on the financial services industry, we are teaming up on a shared vision for a more sustainable future. With the launch of our sustainability marketplace, we are taking a positive step towards addressing the complex and multifaceted challenge of climate change.”.

Ben Snowman, VP Partnerships & Advisory at Mambu

About Mambu

Mambu is the world’s only true SaaS cloud banking platform. Launched in 2011, Mambu fast-tracks the design and build of nearly any type of financial offering for banks of all sizes, lenders, fintechs, retailers, telcos, and more. Our unique composable approach means that independent components, systems and connectors can be assembled in any configuration to meet business needs and end-users demands. Mambu has 900 employees that support 250 customers in over 65 countries – including Western Union, Commonwealth Bank of Australia, N26, BancoEstado, OakNorth, Raiffeisen Bank, ABN AMRO, Bank Islam and Orange Bank.

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