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2022.02.218:00 AM BST / 9:00 AM CESTNews

Doconomy and CC35 join forces to eradicate energy poverty under the "Zero Emissions Energy Inclusion Program" in Latin America and the Caribbean by 2030 and accelerate the decarbonization of consumption

The “Zero Emissions Energy Inclusion Program” has the double objective of accelerating the race to zero emissions in the region and achieving the greatest environmental impact and social inclusion in this transition.

STOCKHOLM, February 21, 2022 — Doconomy and CC35 become partners to work together towards these objectives and as a consequence, have a bigger positive impact in Latam using Doconomy’s services.

“759 million people worldwide live off-grid and 2.6 billion people still lack access to clean forms of cooking, the Energy Inclusion without Emissions Program will be the tool to unite technology and finance to eradicate energy poverty in Latin America.”

With this partnership and through Doconomy’s Åland Index, the world gets an easy-to-use tool that empowers anyone and everyone to measure the CO impact of every transaction and take climate action. Additionally, consumers can not only see the emissions produced by their transactions and offset their footprint, but also achieve a social and environmental impact. Furthermore, thanks to this partnership and to CC35’s cooperation with Kingo Energy, a leading rural solar electrification company of which Leonardo Dicaprio is a advisory board member, thousands of Kingo Energy systems will be installed to cover the deficit of people who today in Latin America do not have access to electricity.

“To be part of an extraordinary project like this is exactly were Doconomy wants to be – where our philosophy is embraced and the opportunity is to educate and engage the many! The Zero Emissions Energy Inclusion Program is a great example of how diverse the climate crisis is and the importance of different stakeholders working together. We are convinced that collaborations like this could serve as a road map for others to follow. Together we show that financial inclusion also needs to embrace climate inclusion. This change is important, possible and through strong partnerships within reach.” 

Mathias Wikström, CEO and Co-Founder of Doconomy

“The climate emergency forces us to create new solutions with integrated actors, supporting the leadership of the UNFCCC and at the same time massively decarbonizing our economies. If we want to comply with the Paris Agreement and the 2030 agenda, we must work together to reduce the basic needs gap in Latin America and Africa, there is the ecological reserve of this planet and it is where we must guarantee access to clean energy as part of the fourth generation of human rights.”

Sebastian Navarro, Secretary-General of CC35 and Global Envoy of the Santiago-Glasgow Route

“Connecting the decarbonization of consumption with energy marginalized communities is key to generating a virtuous circle. I am proud to invest in Kingo as it seeks to eradicate energy poverty because this technology will help enable the widespread use of clean energy throughout the developing world.”

Juan Fermin-Rodriguez, Founder and CEO of Kingo and the advisor Leonardo DiCaprio

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