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2023.12.048:00 PM BST / 9:00 PM CESTWebinars & recordings

Dialogues: The Climate Action Economy at COP28

Presented by Doconomy and ClimateView, hosted by Business Sweden, with Spotify as media partner. In this event, we will explore how finance, cities, and consumers can collaboratively drive progress toward a climate action economy. Learn how responsible financial practices, data-driven insights, and behavioral science can contribute to addressing climate change while fostering economic stability and transitions to net zero in smart cities.

Fireside chat: "Language. Lighthouse. Leverage."

This fireside chat is set to unfold, centering on the ambitious effort by TIME and the pressing need for a new narrative in the realm of climate action. This conversation will delve into TIME's century-long commitment to telling the stories of people and ideas shaping our world, with a special focus on climate action leadership through TIME CO2.

"Language. Lighthouse. Leverage." will open with an exploration of TIME's historic role as a storyteller, capturing the essence of our global journey over the past 100 years. TIME has been a beacon, shedding light on pivotal moments and influential figures, shaping public discourse and understanding. Now, with the advent of TIME CO2, the conversation will take a profound turn toward the urgent narrative needed to address the existential threat of climate change.

This conversation will unravel the layers of TIME's ambitious effort and underscore the critical role of narrative in mobilizing climate action. By examining the language, serving as a lighthouse, and leveraging its influence, TIME aims to inspire a new wave of commitment and urgency in the global fight against climate change, leaving an indelible mark on the narrative of our shared future.


  • Simon Mulcahy, CEO of TIME CO2

Panel discussion: "Green Finance Strategies Paving the Way to a Sustainable Future"

This panel discussion with experts in the field of green finance will come together to share their insights on strategies that are driving the transition towards a sustainable future.

From innovative investment approaches to green bonds and ethical banking, learn how financial institutions and entrepreneurs on the carbon and nature market are aligning their operations with environmental goals. Join us to explore the pivotal role finance plays in paving the path toward a greener and more sustainable world.


  • Bridget Fawcett, CSO, Co-Head, Sustainability and Corporate Transitions at Citi

  • Dr. Maria Carvalho, Head of Climate Economics and Data at NatWest

  • Jim Colvine, SVP Global Consumer Solutions: Priceless Planet at Mastercard

  • Eric Usher, Head of the United Nations Environment Programme's Finance Initiative at UNEPFI

Panel discussion: "Data-Driven Climate Solutions: Building Net Zero Cities and a Greener Economy"

Data is the new currency in the fight against climate change. This panel brings together data scientists, climate experts and academia to discuss the power of data-driven solutions.

"Data-Driven Climate Solutions: Building Net Zero Cities and a Greener Economy" opens by acknowledging the pivotal role of data in our collective efforts to combat climate change. In an era where information is currency, the discussion will revolve around how harnessing the power of data can catalyze innovative solutions and inform strategic decision-making. The panelists will delve into the ways in which data has become a linchpin in the fight for a sustainable future.

Discover how innovative technologies and analytics are shaping a greener economy, enabling smarter decision-making, and driving impactful climate action. Join us for an insightful conversation on the data-driven future.


  • Lars Strömgren, Vice Mayor for Transport and Urban Environment at City of Stockholm

  • Cassandra Julin, Head of Global PR at Normative

  • Dr. Fabio Duarte, Principal Research Scientist at MIT Senseable Lab

  • Dr. Aleksandra Kazmierczak, Expert in Climate change and Human health at European Environment Agency

Fireside chat: "What can the Global North learn from the Global South?"

Climate change already impacts all of us, yet it is those that have contributed the least that are and will be impacted the most. It is here, amidst the challenges, that the Global South has emerged as a driver of dynamic and pragmatic climate initiatives. This fireside chat aims to shed light on the profound impact of climate change and the invaluable lessons that the Global North can draw from the innovative initiatives emanating from the Global South.

The Global South is driving dynamic and pragmatic climate initiatives. These initiatives offer transformative possibilities for the Global North. How can the Global North leverage the innovative practices and community-driven initiatives from the Global South? In what ways can these insights be incorporated into policies, technologies, and international collaborations to create a more sustainable and equitable future? The conversation aims to bridge the gap between regions, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and solidarity in the face of a global challenge.


  • Kaya Axelsson, Head of Policy and Partnerships at Oxford Net Zero

  • Roy Choudhury, Managing Director & Senior Partner at Boston Consulting Group

Concluding panel: "Empowering Citizens and Institutions to Accelerate the Green Transition"

Unorthodox collaboration and perspectives are key to tackling the complex challenges of climate change and sustainability - and to create hope. This concluding panel brings together representatives from the finance sector, tech, data and international institutions to discuss and showcase the power of collective action, science based but yet compelling narratives and the needed next steps.

The panel discussion "Empowering Citizens and Institutions to Accelerate the Green Transition" invites the audience to join a dynamic and forward-looking conversation that celebrates the possibilities arising from unconventional collaborations and perspectives. By harnessing the collective strength of citizens and institutions, grounded in science and fueled by compelling narratives, the panel seeks to empower individuals to take part in the urgent mission of building a sustainable future.


  • Ebba Grythberg, Head of Sustainability at Spotify

  • Richard Mattison, Vice Chair of S&P Global Sustainable1

  • Fredrik Ekström, CEO of Nasdaq Stockholm

  • Linda Burenius, Head of Development at Global Challenges Foundation

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