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2024.03.219:38 AM BST / 10:38 AM CESTNews

CTBC launches carbon footprint service together with Doconomy in Taiwan

Doconomy and CTBC Bank have launched a positive impact service to enable a new personal sustainable consumption lifestyle.

Stockholm/Taipei, March 21, 2024 — CTBC Bank is working through their ESG platform, committed to help integrating sustainability concepts into customers' daily lives. In January this year, CTBC Bank launched the “Green Carbon Detective” with the global leading carbon footprint calculation methodology Åland Index by Doconomy. The Åland Index methodology provides customers with a set of solutions for calculating consumption carbon footprints regardless of transportation, food, entertainment consumption, etc. 

It is the first local bank in Taiwan to directly cooperate with Doconomy, with the ability to calculate the consumption of any card type. The "Green Carbon Detective” provides CTBC Bank’s customers with an estimate of their purchases’ carbon footprint. This is implemented on all card types used by the bank, so regardless if their customers use credit cards or debit cards, their transactions' carbon footprint can be combined and calculated.

The "Green Carbon Detective" allows CTBC Bank customers to see the carbon footprint of their transactions at the consumption carbon footprint page on the online banking or Home Bank App, helping them understand their monthly environmental impact. How their consumption affects the environment are divided into categories from transportation, food and shopping to provide the customers with a comprehensive carbon footprint analysis. In addition, the service also provides the users with a new function; the “Sustainability School” - engaging them in daily sustainability knowledge challenge games, which allows them to increase their environmental knowledge in a relaxed and interesting interactive process while checking their own carbon footprint. 

This first launch of the "Green Carbon Detective" makes the service accessible to 50,000 CTBC Bank customers. Through the "Green Carbon Detective" service, CTBC Bank not only helps customers create more environmentally friendly consumption choices, but also hopes to encourage more people to participate in environmental actions.

About CTBC Bank

CTBC Financial Holding Co., Ltd is a member of the Sustainable Finance Pioneer Alliance and actively responds to the "2050 Net Zero Emissions" sustainable development goal. Its subsidiary CTBC Bank is committed to providing innovative financial services and actively engage in environmental protection and sustainable development.

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