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2022.06.179:00 AM BST / 10:00 AM CESTNews

Cervera kicks off carbon labeling initiative together with Doconomy

Cervera, Sweden’s market leading kitchen and home appliance retailer, embarks on their carbon labeling project together with Doconomy and the 2030 Calculator.


STOCKHOLM, June 17, 2022 — In June 2022, Cervera presented carbon footprint calculations on 200 products from their own brands – Anders Petter and Table Top Stories – and are looking to continuously expand their data base and calculations. Cervera will also encourage their partners to make calculations on their products as well, working to increase awareness on carbon footprint beyond the company’s own products. 

Doconomy is excited to see Cervera calculating the carbon footprint of their products using the 2030 Calculator. In the future, Cervera will present the carbon footprint of all its products on, where customers will be able to take part in the products’ carbon dioxide equivalent – CO2e. This will help customers to get an idea of the climate footprint the product emits in order to be able to make more informed purchasing decisions and at the same time follow the company’s improvement measures by reducing the products climate impact. 

”We believe in collaboration and are in dialogue with our partners in order to communicate the carbon footprint of their products. Transparency is an important part of our sustainability work and by communicating our climate impact on a product level, we challenge ourselves in order to achieve change more rapidly”

Huyen Vu, Head of Sustainability at Cervera.

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