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Key features

  • Personalize insights based on user profile ensuring that every customer gets relevant, useful content

  • Translate customers’ emissions into relatable comparison so their footprint becomes tangible

  • Show how customers stand against country averages and the Paris Agreement 2030 target

  • Provide customers with achievable life hacks to progress and navigate towards the goals they’ve set

Guiding users toward
a climate smart lifestyle

Impact education is structured to create a behavioral science-backed journey from understanding to tangible climate action with content tailored for financial institutions. The user is taken through key steps in order to compile this content for each individual - contextualizing, providing targets and finally actions.

Meaningful Comparisons

“Contextualize” translates customers’ emissions into relatable comparisons, so their footprint becomes more tangible, with insights backed by sound science.

Personal Roadmap

“Targets” provides context, helping customers see where they stand against country averages and the Paris Agreement 2030 target. With these insights, they can set short- and long-term goals to work towards.

Actionable Insights

“Actions” provides customers with achievable science-backed life hacks to progress and navigate towards the goals they’ve set. For the detail-oriented, we provide references, so every claim stands up to scrutiny.

Localized Relevance

Whether it's sunny California solar or wind energy in the breezy Thames Estuary, we make sure banks speak to what matters in each region, so every customer gets relevant and useful content.

Impact Education

Empowering Education

Impact education enables banks to help customers start a pathway of emission reduction, enabling them to truly quantify their impact, set tangible, achievable goals, and measure their impact reduction. 

Education is the foundation to ensuring deep engagement leading to new sustainable habits. Localizing content means tailoring it to what matters in each region for relevance. Through our partnership with leading sustainability experts, we ensure both internationalization and localization when personalizing actionable content.

Impact education is about making sustainability data meaningful and relatable, helping to educate people and connecting it all back to science. And as customers are more engaged, tracking progress and taking positive action that drives loyalty.

Impact Education

Seamless. Secure. Sustainable.

With developers in mind
A robust API doesn’t have to be complex. Our API is accessible via SaaS in multi AZ and multi-cloud environments, with a sandbox ready for exploration.

Flexibility at Its Core
From on-premise setups to hybrid clouds, our Impact education will fit right into  tech stacks through OCI images and private registries.

Robust & Clear
RESTful APIs backed by OAuth2 and Mutual TLS ensure secure interactions. And our clear documentation means smooth sailing for tech teams.

Continuous Tracking
We’re on top of our game, tracking uptime, latency, throughput, and failure rates. Banks get consistent quality and real-time insights.

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