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Key Features

  • A questionnaire tailored to capture everyday lifestyle choices that affect carbon emissions

  • Reliable methodology and the most current carbon data due to our collaboration with UNFCCC

  • Two levels of detail, enabling customers to get a quick or more in-depth carbon footprint estimate

  • Comprehensive carbon footprint overview diving into categories, such as Home, Transport, and Shopping


Unparalleled Credibility

Our collaboration with the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) on the Lifestyle Calculator ensures a reliable methodology and the most current and accurate carbon data.

Interactive & Engaging

A questionnaire tailored to capture everyday choices that affect carbon emissions and climate impact paints a vivid climate profile for each customer.

Onboard Quickly

Customers can start with a quick carbon footprint estimate by answering a few questions about their lifestyle, or delve deeper for a granular understanding in various categories. One agile tool serves both the curious and the committed.

Intuitive Breakdown

Offering an interactive carbon analysis, our API categorizes yearly emissions, inviting customers to unpack each category and gain insights.

Holistic Lifestyle Analysis

Let customers venture beyond just financial metrics. They’ll dive deep into Home, Transport, Shopping, and Food for a comprehensive carbon footprint overview.

Impact Activity

Discover your impact

Draw customers into a regular habit of self-assessment and engagement with their environmental footprints across a range of categories. The knowledge gained by users becomes the key to motivating behavioral change and measurable climate action. Offering assessment activity-based footprints greatly increases a user’s ability for identifying where they need to focus their mitigating efforts

By building lifestyle-driven persona through activity data, personalized user experiences and deeper understanding are generated. Elevating a brand's commitment to a sustainable future and emphasizes alignment with conscious living.

Doconomy’s Impact activity module ensures the highest level of credibility and the latest and most accurate climate data and methodology. And is based on The Lifestyle Calculator initially developed in partnership with UNFCCC active in more than 90+ countries.

Impact activity

Seamless & Adaptable

Integrate Anywhere
Integrate Impact activity's API to offer a frictionless in-app experience, aligning with the digital customer journey.

Scalable & Adaptable
Our cloud-native design guarantees scalability and flexibility. Meeting mounting market demands for intuitive tools that provide customers with insights into their CO2e footprint has never been this effortless.

Robust Security
Data sent to us is meticulously vetted via service gateways using API keys or mTLS, making sure every request is secure.

Developer-Friendly API
We’ll save time for developers. Our robust API is battle-tested by leading financial institutions, and designed to be easy to integrate, streamlining implementation.

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